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Our mission

When we started this project last year, we had no idea it would end up becoming a website. I was living abroad for the year and I tried to send flowers to a family member in Alberta. I realized that a lot of the websites claiming they could deliver flowers to that state actually weren't able to fulfill my order. It was the same for many other locations all across the country. But surely, it can't be that difficult to find a florist for most cities in Canada, right?

So we had to go through the following tasks...


90% of the work is researching, testing, and writing.


Once we find a website claiming to deliver flowers to Canada, we test it, list its features, and make sure it can actually deliver not just to Toronto, but everywhere in Canada.


We write down our findings and sort the websites, listing most key points.

Work in progress

As it's late 2023 now, we only got started with this project, and we have a long way to go. At the time of this writing, we only have a list of flower delivery websites that deliver anywhere in Canada. In the future, we're going to list every main city in Canada with its local florists. Eventually, the whole website will be translated into French. So that will keep us busy for a few years. We appreciate your visit and your partience as we update and improve our website.

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