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The best flower delivery websites in Canada reviewed

  • Olivia Stone Olivia Stone
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  • Updated 11 July 2024

Canada loves flowers. There are many websites that can ship your flowers all across the country, but how do you know which one to pick? What do the flowers that your recipient will get actually look like? To answer these questions, we conducted a test, and reviewed the major companies involved in sending flowers to Canada.

What we quickly discovered when we started researching this market is that a lot of companies claim to deliver to Canada but in reality only ship to very select locations in Ontario or Quebec. Canada is an incredibly vast country, with various degrees of logistics that don't always allow either a local florist or mail to reach your recipient on time.

Top websites to send flowers to Canada

  Company Highlights Starting price Visit online
1. Just Flowers Reliable $34.99 justflowers.com
2. Teleflora Wide selection $44.99 teleflora.com
3. Good Choice Flowers International $49.95 goodchoiceflowers.com
4. Ferns & Petals Affordable $36.27 fnp.com
5. Flower.com Highly efficient $39.99 flower.com
6. Flowers Fast Custom orders $39.90 flowersfast.com
7. 1-800-FLORALS Reputable $59.95 800florals.com
8. Canada Flowers Canada-wide $37.00 canadaflowers.ca
9. Bloomex Affordable $24.99 bloomex.ca
10. Canadian Flower Delivery Free card $48.99 canadianflowerdelivery.com
11. From You Flowers Fast delivery $37.59 fromyouflowers.com

1. Just Flowers

Bouquet from Just Flowers
Photo courtesy of justflowers.com

About Just Flowers:

Just Flowers is a reputable company that has been around for a long time, and started even before the internet era. They are used to handling a huge variety of orders in various countries. Their Canadian floral network is particularly effective, able to reach any city or town in Canada. They have a useful Canadian zip code finder in case you need to find your recipient's address. In case of hand delivery by a florist, the delivery fees will amount to $9.99, while postal delivery will cost $4.99. Just Flowers has consistently high reviews from its customers.

Contact Information:

8605 Santa Monica Blvd, PMB 68567
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(800) 700-446
Visit Just Flowers

2. Teleflora

Bouquet from Teleflora
Photo courtesy of teleflora.com

About Teleflora:

As the biggest floral company on the planet, Teleflora dominates the North American market, and that includes Canada. Thousands of florists everywhere in the country are able to deliver your flowers not just in every province but also every territory. For a hand-delivery, a fee of $18.99 is required for every order throughout Canada. Teleflora also offers a free greeting card whenever you order on their website, with starting prices under $45. The local florists handling Canadian orders are consistently highly rated.

Contact Information:

11444 West Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(800) 935-610
Visit Teleflora

3. Good Choice Flowers

Bouquet from Good Choice Flowers
Photo courtesy of goodchoiceflowers.com

About Good Choice Flowers:

Good Choice Flowers delivers to many countries in the world, and also to Canada. While their offering may be pricier than some others, their website allows a wide range of customization: size of the bouquet, type of flowers included, and a huge selection of accessories, including a free greeting card.

Delivery is free everywhere in Canada except for Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, Yukon as well as for Newfoundland and Labrador.

Contact Information:

1337 Massachusetts Avenue, # 144
Arlington, MA 02476
(888) 498-805
Visit Good Choice Flowers

4. Ferns & Petals

Bouquet from Ferns & Petals
Photo courtesy of fnp.com

About Ferns & Petals:

Ferns & Petals is an international flower delivery company based in India, that has been operating for over 25 years. Their website offers delivery to Canada with competitive prices, a lot of accessories, and a free greeting card. There is a fee of $15.26 for every delivery. Please also keep in mind it's better to order well in advance, as the first available delivery is usually a few days away.

Contact Information:

Chhatarpur Farms
Delhi 110030
(+91) 921-2422000
Visit Ferns & Petals

5. Flower.com

Bouquet from Flower.com
Photo courtesy of flower.com

About Flower.com:

Flower.com has been in activity before the internet began, and has been providing a huge selection of bouquets ever since. There's a lot of options regardless of what you're looking for, and many special offers throughout the year. The bouquets are hand-delivered by a florist. Standard delivery is free, unless you opt for express delivery which will only cost an additional $4.99. Flower.com is at once efficient and affordable while offering many different bouquets.

Contact Information:

8605 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069
(800) 716- 7559
Visit Flower.com

6. Flowers Fast

Bouquet from Flowers Fast
Photo courtesy of flowersfast.com

About Flowers Fast:

Flowersfast, as its name indicates, is able to deliver your flowers the day you order them anywhere in Canada, as long as you finalize your order before noon. Moreover, before checkout, you can specify a specific flower or color you would like included in your floral arrangement, and the florist will try to accomodate you. Despite the relatively old "look and feel" of the website, Flowerfast has been in activity for a long time and will deliver your flowers on time anywhere in Canada.

Contact Information:

4 Eton Place
Airmont, NY 10952
(740) 356-937
Visit Flowers Fast

7. 1-800-FLORALS

Bouquet from 1-800-FLORALS
Photo courtesy of 800florals.com

About 1-800-FLORALS:

Phillip's 1-800-FLORALS has been an institution in North America long before the advent of the internet. In the 1920's, Phillip's was a single florist located at ground floor of an apartment. A century later, it is a network of over 30,000 florists in the US and Canada.

Same-day delivery is possible if you order before 11 am. Order on the website is pretty straightforward, and you can add a message with your flowers for free. A delivery in Canada will cost you $17.95.

Contact Information:

524 N. Cass Ave
Westmont, IL 60559, U.S.A
(630) 719--5200
Visit 1-800-FLORALS

8. Canada Flowers

Bouquet from Canada Flowers
Photo courtesy of canadaflowers.ca

About Canada Flowers:

Canada Flowers offers same-day delivery throughout the country, and partners with FTD to send bouquets to the United States, the UK or France. They're currently offering 10% on Fall bouquets with a discount code. On top of bouquets, Canada Flowers also offers various accessories such as food and wine, teddy bears and balloons. Gift cards are not provided but you can send a message along with your flowers.Delivery costs amount to $14 dollars, and are only mentioned at the very end of order.

Contact Information:

45 Brisbane Rd #1, North York, Ontario
Canada, M3J 2K1
(647) 004-400
Visit Canada Flowers

9. Bloomex

Bouquet from Bloomex
Photo courtesy of bloomex.ca

About Bloomex:

Bloomex provides a wide variety of bouquets with some very competitive prices starting at under $25. You can send various gifts along with your flowers, such as balloons or teddy bears, chocolates or wine. The flowers are shipped by mail, with a delivery cost of $14.99. You can either choose to write your message on the delivery slip for free, or select a greeting card starting at $3.99. You will need to pay for your order before you can enter your message to the recipient.

Contact Information:

4235 17th Street SE, Calgary, AB
Canada, T2G 3W7
(888) 125-666
Visit Bloomex

10. Canadian Flower Delivery

Bouquet from Canadian Flower Delivery
Photo courtesy of canadianflowerdelivery.com

About Canadian Flower Delivery:

Canadian Flower Delivery is a florist affiliated with FTD that has the advantage of delivering your bouquets anywhere in Canada. The starting price is a little bit under $50, but provides a free greeting card. Not a lot of accessories are available, except for balloons, a teddy bear or a box of chocolates. Delivery is made in person by a florist for $14.95. The website navigation is straightforward and delivery is available throughout Canada, including the territories.

Contact Information:

60 East 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC
Canada V5T 1B1
(800) 061-338
Visit Canadian Flower Delivery

11. From You Flowers

Bouquet from From You Flowers
Photo courtesy of fromyouflowers.com

About From You Flowers:

Partnering with Canadian florists, From You Flowers has a wide selection of bouquets that can be sent in most Canadian cities and states. No accessories are available for delivery to Canada. Delivery fees ammount to $14.99. From You Flowers provides thematic greeting card based on your preference (anniversary, birthday, wedding, etc.) with your flowers at no cost.

Contact Information:

143 Mill Rock Road East,
Old Saybrook, CT 06475
(855) 727-386
Visit From You Flowers

Still have questions? Please check out Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) answered below!

Freshness is very important to us. Our team typically checks the prices, delivery options and fees on a weekly basis. BestCanadianFlorists also looks for new companies that can be added to the list.

Historically, many major American floral companies took on the Canadian market in its infancy, and they have continued to do so over the years. As long as the quality of their bouquets is on par with the competition, our team will continue to feature them on our website.

Most of the flower companies we list on our websites use local florists to hand-deliver their bouquets, directly at your recipient's door. However, in some cases, other companies ship the flowers in a box. Although hand-delivery is typically fresher, in recent years the shipment of flowers has become much more efficient than it used to be, with a bouquet of comparable quality.

Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia. Its provinces and territories are immense. While most metropolitan areas are somewhat easy for floral companies to get to, it's not the case for more remote areas such as Nunavut, Yukon, or the Northwestern Territories. Some companies do claim they are able to deliver your flowers everywhere in the country, from Ontario to Yukon. Whenever possible, our team will specify whether each company is able to send your flowers across the whole territory of Canada.

It depends what you call "Greeting card". If you mean a piece of paper with a message on it, then yes, every company listed on our website provides a "greeting card". But if you're looking for something more sophisticated and personalized, only a minority of flower delivery websites provide these. More often than not, it's local companies that have more options, as they can show you exactly what they have in stock, as opposed to a larger companies with thousands of florists who may or may not have specific greeting cards in their assortment at the time of your order.

Absolutely! If you see a florist that hasn't made our list, please write to us and we will make sure to take a look.